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Watermelon Ice

The boys like to drink the juice at the bottom of the bowl and stuck a straw in one to be prepared.

The weather outside is atrocious!  We try to find things to do inside.  Like last week, this week we are making a fruity ice.  Watermelon was our pick today.   It tastes like a mouthful of sweet, frozen watermelon at its peek.  The boys have a lot of fun taking turns, first pulsing the little processor and then mixing the watermelon as it turns from liquid to a shimmer of watermelon sparkles. 

Watermelon Ice

3 cups pureed watermelon

3/4 cup light syrup 

To make syrup,  boil 1 cup of bottled water, remove from heat and add 1/3 cup sugar.  Stir until it is dissolved. Cool completely. 

Add the syrup to the watermelon puree and put in freezer. 

Take it out when it starts to freeze, give it a few stirs with a fork to break it apart.  

Return to freezer and take out again when it has become more frozen….stir.  You may need to do this one last time. It will start to lighten in color and sparkle when it is ready.