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Roasted Frozen Broccoli

My oldest told me he loved broccoli.  I was actually being to doubt that this is true.  It seemed every way I made it wasn’t the way he liked it.  I cooked it in soup, casseroles and covered in cheese to no avail.  Last night I decided to roast it in the toaster oven. Jackpot! He loved it!  I put the frozen broccoli florets in the toaster oven with only a spray of olive oil and kosher salt. There is so much that can be done with this.  

When it comes out of the oven add a splash of lemon juice and fresh ground pepper. Sprinkle it with grated parmesan and/or cheddar.  Cut it up and add to cooked rice.  The possibilities are endless.  Very easy and great,  just as it is.

Roasted Frozen Broccoli
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Roasted Frozen Broccoli

  • frozen broccoli, no need to thaw
  • olive oil or spray
  • kosher salt
  • spray margarine

Spray pan with spray.  

Add frozen broccoli and spray with olive oil  Cook for 20 minutes at 400…preheat if you have time. Turn pan around at 10 minutes.  Cook another 5 minutes and check to see if done.  Cooked but still a little firm..the way we like it.   Spray or drizzle with olive oil, or spray margarine, and season with kosher salt to taste.  Add additional seasonings, lemon juice, cheeses….if desired.