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Pita Bread

My twins have been wanting to take little pizzas in their lunches.  You know, the ones in plastic container that hubby buys.  I don’t like them and decided I would make them myself.  The last two days I heated tortillas and cut in triangles for them to top with sauce and cheese.  

While they were at school today,  I finally made up my mind to I would try making Pita Bread for them to take in their lunches.  What a hit!  They love filling them with their favorite fillings that were their toppings before.  And….they had so much fun watching them rise in the oven!  ~smile~  Another plus, they are so easy to make.  I used baking sheets to cook them on instead of a stone.  Just preheat them while your oven is heating.  These are perfect pockets to add sandwich, pizza, salad or fruit fillings.  Enjoy!