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Perfect Fried Eggs

Once in a great while, I want my eggs cooked this way.  Just the way my precious Mama would make them.  The only way my sweet Daddy would ever eat them.  Don’t cook the yolks hard.   If you do, you need to crack open another egg and try again.  

The tops of the yolks actually had a light coating of white but the yolk was very runny and they are never flipped over.  Never!  Which is probably why I cannot flip an egg without breaking the yolk now.  Ready to fry perfect eggs?  Let’s get crackin’!  (sorry about that!)

Perfect Fried Eggs
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Perfect Fried Eggs 

  • eggs
  • bacon grease, enough so you can splash it around with a spatula 
  • OR,  equal amounts of oil and butter, melted

Heat grease, or oil/butter, on medium.  Once hot, crack eggs in grease. Let sit a minute until the white starts to turn.  With your spatula, CAREFULLY…GENTLY so you don’t splash the hot grease on you or out of the pan,  start bringing the grease over the eggs.

If you want sunny side up, just cover the white portion. I splash it over the whole egg a couple of times once the white is just about done.  Take from pan and place on a plate, blot with a paper towel. Season with salt, pepper, thyme…whatever you like. Enjoy!