You are currently viewing The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook Review

The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook Review

I just love cast iron cooking and to be able to review The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook as my first cookbook review, is truly an honor.  Thank you very much for the opportunity, Lodge Cast Iron Cookware.

Lodge Cast Iron cooking is a way of life.  It is the most treasured of all cookware.  There isn’t anything that cannot be baked, fried, sauteed, boiled, grilled, tenderized, crushed or weighted down with it.  Memories of my Mama and Grandma cooking in it are forever kept in my heart.

The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook Review
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The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook is a wonderful accompaniment to their cookware.  I love the style of the book.  It is soft covered yet strong enough to hold up even in my kitchen with three young boys always helping.  The pages are thick, another plus when there are little helping hands and messes abound.

The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook includes recipes contributed by amazing cooks, from chefs to food bloggers, National Cornbread Cook-off winners to cooking show hosts and everyone in between.  The pictures stand out and make you want to head to the kitchen to grab your cast iron cookware and ingredients to create the delicious recipes you have just viewed.

There are chapters of recipes with everything you may be thinking of cooking and then some.  I could start at the beginning with Seasonal Breakfast Frittata and cook my way through Maggie Doherty’s Irish Soda Bread, which I did make and loved.  I have made many recipes that are absolutely amazing.  Savannah Red Rice, by Steven Satterfield, a delicious one skillet meal with shrimp, sausage, rice, tomatoes, vegetables and spices.  One serving just wasn’t enough!   This was followed by Cherry Clafouti, the recipe in the book was adapted from the book You Can Trust a Skinny Cook by Allison Fishman.  I have never made clafouti before finding this delightful recipe in the cookbook.  My family will be glad to know that this will be made over and over again in our kitchen.

I was very happy to see a metric conversion table was included in the cookbook.  It is something that I find myself needing more and more.  There is also a page that explains how to care for and re-season your cast iron, should the need arise.  I know, that on more than one occasion, mine has been placed in the dishwasher by mistake and scrubbed a little too hard.  This is also great to know, should you be lucky enough to find, or be gifted with,   cast iron that is in need of a little TLC.  I was fortunate to purchase a 25+ year old Lodge Perch Cornbread Pan yesterday.  I immediately came home and re-seasoned it and cannot wait to cook it in.   Shall I make cornbread or dessert?  Both!

Cooking Outdoors is a favorite chapter, as we spend most of out time outside.  In it you will find out how to do Camp Dutch Oven Cooking, including the number of briquettes needed and where to position them.  My favorite part of this chapter is how to Make Your Own Bean Hole and how to cook in it.  This is something I am definitely going to do.

My very favorite part of The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook, is the sharing of precious memories that accompany treasured recipes.  To me, there is always a memory that is part of each recipe.  Whether they are from days of ole or newly made.  Nothing makes food taste better than the cooking of Treasured Recipes in Lodge Cast Iron Cookware while thinking of, and sharing, Precious Memories.  Have a beautiful time making new recipes and memories, while preserving the old.