Koolaid Sherbert

Koolaid Sherbert

For our little party yesterday, that we didn’t have but had a ton of fun as usual, we made Orange Koolaid Sherbert.  I found the recipe looking through some old recipes I had tucked away and had forgotten about.  I just love when that happens.  It is like my Birthday and Christmas all wrapped up as a Special Gift.  ~smiles~

We love the recipes that do not call for an Ice Cream Machine, especially since we don’t have one and love to eat cold treats!   Besides, this is about having fun with My Boys while sharing recipes and making memories and it isn’t as special, or fun,  when you let a machine do all the work. 

Koolaid Sherbert

1 .25 oz (or close to it) evelope of unsweetened Koolaid or any brand will do

1 cup of Sugar

3 cups of Milk

Whisk all together well.  Pour in a rectangular container and put in the freezer. 

Check after an hour to see if it is getting thick.  If so,

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Stir and put back in freezer.  Repeat two or three more times then let freeze completely. 

Store covered if there is any left.  : )