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Homemade Butterfingers

Why.  Oh, Why? Did it take so long for me to run across this recipe?  Really?! Why?!  I always buy candy corn around Halloween except that one year I couldn’t find any.  WAIT!  Now I know why!  Y’all were hoarding the candy corn, weren’t you?!  Well, this year, watch out…I’ll be the hoarder! and snicker as I take another bite of  Homemade Butterfingers!

Homemade Butterfingers 1
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I used the autumn mix of candy corn.  You know, the one with different color candy corn and pumpkins?  I didn’t chop the pumpkins, however, if you use them, I would suggest you do for even melting.  

Leave tiny bits, though for texture.  Also, after one minute the candy corn was acting as if it was going to seize up even though it wasn’t all melted.  I added the peanut butter and heated it another 10 seconds.  Took it out and stirred like crazy.  And then some more!  If using chocolate chips, you will need to keep the candy refrigerated.  You may want to hide a couple of pieces in the refrigerator,  if you ever want any to eat yourself.

Homemade Butterfingers

  • 3 cups candy corn
  • 1 – 1/2 cups smooth peanut butter
  • 1 lb. chocolate candy coating or  16 oz bag chocolate chips


Line an 8×8 pan with parchment paper.  Put candy corn in a microwave safe bowl and heat 1100 watts oven, on high 1 minute, stirring after 30 seconds.  Take out and stir.  Microwave another 10 seconds, if needed.  It will not be completely smooth.  Add peanut butter and stir well, little bits of candy corn are okay. Spread in prepared pan.  

Put in refrigerator to set…..about 30 minutes.  Remove from refrigerator and cut into desired pieces with a knife, pizza cutter or cookie cutters.  Melt chocolate candy coating as directed.   Or, melt chocolate chips, I used dark chocolate chips, and shortening, start with 1 Tablespoon, in a double boiler until melted, stirring with spatula.  Place wax paper on tray or cookie sheet.  Dip cut pieces of candy in melted chocolate and place on wax paper.  Let cool.  May place in refrigerator to speed set.

Note:  If using chocolate chips, you will need to keep refrigerated.