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Easter Carrot Bags

So cute!  The boys are out of school this week and I wanted to start Easter fun!  I dyed some eggs..some worked, some didn’t.  Some were beautiful some, well, not so.

I’ve seen those cute carrot bags filled with goldfish in Wilton decorating bags on the internet.  For me…they are way too expensive.  I decided to make the carrots on my budget using plastic storage bags.  Super easy and a whole lot cheaper.  Have fun!

Easter Carrot Bags
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Fill with Goldfish, baby carrots or orange candy.  A fun craft with your children or to add to Easter Baskets.

Easter Carrots

  • box(es) of whales…goldfish,  or cheese curls/puffs.  whales cost less, you get more and are same, if not less in calories and fat
  • quart freezer bags, however many you want to make
  • smaller carrots were made with sandwich bags, non-pleated
  • green yarn
  • permanent green marker
  • scissors

Cut bag(s) in a diagonal.  Holding a point at the bottom and cutting across to make a triangle.
Cut yarn into pieces long enough to tie bags in a knot.
Fill triangle shaped bag half way.

Pull top ends together and tie with yarn.
Color top of bag with green marker, to look like leaves.
Cut top of bag into strips.