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Canned Fruit Jello

Have you seen the jello made in a can of fruit?  It looked so good and reminded me of my sweet Mama’s Green Jello Salad she would make.  You know, the one with nuts, pineapple, cream cheese in lime jello?  Yeah, that one.  I love that!  This is close to it.  

Well, not really but the lime and pineapple remind me of it.  Use different fruit and jello combinations.  I’m going to use peaches and ….I don’t know, whatever the boys pick out I suppose.  I had to use a large box of jello and it was too much for the can but my boys didn’t mind one bit at all. 

Canned Fruit Jello
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Canned Fruit Jello

  • 20 oz can pineapple slices or other fruit in juice, drained and juice saved, optional
  • 3 oz box gelatin, you know I used Jello
  • water, if needed, to add to fruit juice to measure 1 cup or 1 cup
  • maraschino cherries, whole, halves or pieces, optional

Drain juice from fruit, I opened the bottom of the can to avoid the lip on the top, and reserve.  Add enough water to make 1 cup, or use 1 cup water and heat to a boil.  While heating, cut maraschino cherries in halve or pieces and fill center of pineapples slices, if using.  

Put jello in a bowl and add boiling liquid.  Mix to dissolve.   Pour over fruit moving it slightly to make certain the jello fills the can.  Put in refrigerator, I used the freezer, until set.  Once set, run knife around inside of can.  Dump out and slice.  Enjoy!