You are currently viewing Blueberry Orange Frozen Yogurt and YoPops

Blueberry Orange Frozen Yogurt and YoPops

Do you want something so scrumptious you just want it all for yourself?  Well, do you?  Okay then, here it is and it’s even healthy!  It’s loaded with a burst of flavor in each bite!  Make this wonderful frozen healthy snack, dessert or heck, meal (for me at least!) and be an instant super star of the day!  These are Wade’s newest favorite this to eat.  He can eat them all day and almost devoured all of it by himself!  Enjoy!  Love and hugs! 

Blueberry Orange Frozen Yogurt and YoPops
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Blueberry Orange Frozen Yogurt and YoPops

  • 2  to 2 1/2 cups non fat plain yogurt, homemade is great (recipe soon)
  • 6 oz frozen orange juice concentrate
  • 2/3 cup sugar, more or less, depending on how sweet you want it
  • 4 cup blueberries, frozen, I used half of each..that’s what I had

NOTE>>>>>>My blender was FULL!  I made at least 6 cups of liquid.  I made 4 full size yopops and poured the rest in a glass casserole dish.  Just half the recipe if you do not wish to make a lot!  

Clean blueberries if using fresh.  I like to freeze them first and use them right out of the freezer.  They are great to snack on also.

Get pop containers and/or freezer safe pan, ready to pour liquid in.

Blend 2 cups yogurt, 1/2 blueberries, sugar and orange juice. Blend. Add remaining blueberries. Taste.  Add more sugar if desired. Add rest of yogurt if needed.  

Pour in popsicle molds and freeze until firm, about 3 hours, more or less.  Put bottom of container in warm water for 15 seconds to make it easier to remove from mold.  

For frozen yogurt, pour into freezer proof container. Put in freezer and freeze until firm. Take out, break into chunks. Put in food processor and pulse until smooth or in a chilled bowl and beat with mixer until smooth.  Eat now or return to freezer and freeze until hard. Scoop out and serve immediately!